Evan Turner To Play Both Guard Positions

by October 02, 2010

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Evan Turner’s early playing time could come as a backup point guard for the 76ers this season: “Turner has been paired with Lou Williams on the second team for most scrimmages. For a majority of the time, it has appeared that Turner has been running the point – not the spot the Sixers envisioned for him when they took him with the second overall pick in June’s draft. ‘What I saw was when Lou and Evan were together, when Lou was on the ball and Evan was off, they struggled, because Evan wasn’t sure and Lou didn’t do a very good job of getting us into our stuff,” Collins said. Then we moved Evan to the ball and moved Lou and they both were good. So you can see where they’re most comfortable right now. What we’re doing with Evan is we’re mixing and matching him so he can do a little of both. But, at the end of the day, Lou’s a scorer and that’s what we’re going to have to do, put him in those kinds of positions ’cause if we put him out there to run the team, it really takes away what he does best.’ Collins said that starting point guard Jrue Holiday should play about 36 minutes. Andre Iguodala is penciled in as the starting two-guard. If Williams has to get minutes there also, it looks like Turner’s minutes will mostly come at the point.”