Even Marcin Gortat Thinks His Coach Panics Too Much

This can’t be good for Stan Van Gundy’s blood pressure: “Marcin Gortat, Orlando’s blossoming backup center, told a Polish newspaper this week that Van Gundy’s constant ranting and raving along the sidelines isn’t exactly productive for this team. Gortat even used the P-word, as in panic. Just know that’s an especially touchy subject around the Magic’s headquarters, especially after Shaquille O’Neal called Van Gundy ‘a master of panic’ and predicted that his team would come unglued in the playoffs because of the coach’s frenetic approach. Said Gortat, to sport.pl: ‘The nature of our coach, he panics very often during games. He’s got some behavior which is not good for us. With his gestures he makes us more nervous on the floor.'”