EW Guessed it!

By Sam Rubenstein

EWLang is out of the office and so is Khalid. I can’t find anyone around here that would care enough to do this week’s installment of EW Guessed it! with me. Last week, Lang and I assumed that there would be no issue of Entertainment Weekly coming out, cause they had just dropped a 500 page fall movie preview doozy the week before. We were wrong, and the cover was… House M.D.?!?!?! I would have never guessed that in a million years.
So, for this week’s version, I put in squarely on YOU to figure out who is on EW. No cheating please. My only guess is my favorite show on T.V., The Wire. It might be too soon, cause the season debut is on September 10th, competing with The Manning Bowl on NBC, which I have to watch for obvious reasons. Still, that’s my guess for the cover. The undisputed (in my opinion) best show on television.

Lang called and said he thinks it’s time for a music cover, and his guesses are Outkast or Xtina Aguilera. If the cover is Fergie, I am going to move to a monastery in Tibet.

What are your guesses? Please don’t give away the answer if you already know. I will post the answer at 4:00 PM EST.