EW Guessed it!

By Lang Whitaker and Sam Rubenstein

Lang Whitaker: you there?

Sam Rubenstein: Yeah.

Lang Whitaker: Can’t believe I missed last week, with Project Runway on the cover. I never would’ve guessed that, but still…

Sam Rubenstein: I know, and you had been talking about that show all week.

Lang Whitaker: Make it work!

Lang Whitaker: Anyway, let’s get to this week’s EW. I’m thinking after back-to-back TV shows and about eight movies before that, they’ll flip it this week.

Sam Rubenstein: I have one really predictable guess.

Lang Whitaker: Which is…

Sam Rubenstein: The Emmy’s.

Lang Whitaker: Like a behind the scenes type thing?

am Rubenstein: More like who were the winners and losers, who wore what, and how they did against the EW predictions.

Sam Rubenstein: I think they did something like this for the Grammys and/or Oscars.

Lang Whitaker: Yeah. The Emmys are really boring to me. I like awards shows and I couldn’t even watch more than about 15 minutes of the Emmys.

Lang Whitaker: Not sure how that bodes for an EW cover

Sam Rubenstein: I didn’t watch them. I don’t really know who won or lost, though I saw keifer won some awards.

Sam Rubenstein: Which he deserved.

Lang Whitaker: Edgar should have been included on the list of people who died this year.

Sam Rubenstein: DAMN IT LANG!!! I have not season season 5 yet!

Sam Rubenstein: Thanks.

Lang Whitaker: Whoops!

Sam Rubenstein: That’s alright, there’s a media conspiracy to give away 24 spoilers to me anyways.

Sam Rubenstein: Do you have a cover guess?

Lang Whitaker: Rosie? The new View starts Sept. 5 (I looked it up). Not sure if they’d do another TV, but there’s nothing in theaters now.

Sam Rubenstein: Hmmm… it is a dead time for movies. Maybe her. Maybe The View is creating all this drama lately as some kind of media push.

Sam Rubenstein: And Rosie on EW would be a part of that.

Lang Whitaker: She also had her own highly-rated talk show for a while, so her returning to TV is kind of a big story.

Lang Whitaker: Or there’s always Aguilera.

Sam Rubenstein: If it’s music, I think they might go for a Jessica Simpson cover.

Sam Rubenstein: again, someone creating headlines for themselves.

Lang Whitaker: Yeah, not a bad thought. And she has a movie coming out, too.

Lang Whitaker: There’s also the possibility of one of those lame theme issues.

Sam Rubenstein: Maybe they’ll do that Idlewild cover now.

Lang Whitaker: Too late, I think

Sam Rubenstein: I think the Emmy’s would go before a theme issue.

Lang Whitaker: Yeah, but it’s pretty old news by now. EW used to be committed to breaking news, not just reporting it.

Lang Whitaker: Ooh! How about the new racist Survivor?

Sam Rubenstein: Oh yeah… that’s a good guess. Is it starting soon?

Sam Rubenstein: That is such an amazing idea for a show.

Sam Rubenstein: And ever so slightly dangerous.

Lang Whitaker: I think the Mets have been trying it this season

Lang Whitaker: (kidding!)

Sam Rubenstein: The Mets live together peacefully on their island.

Sam Rubenstein: Playoff baseball island

Lang Whitaker: I love survivor, but this will either ruin the show or make it amazing again. I was kinda happy in their previous place just skimming along getting good ratings.

Lang Whitaker: Anyway, let’s end this. Who’s your pick?

Sam Rubenstein: Emmy’s wrap up with a bunch of people on the cover. Keifer, one of the desperate housewives, etc.

Sam Rubenstein: Or it could be a Borat cover which would be the greatest idea in history.

Lang Whitaker: Agreed on Borat. I’m rolling with Rosie, the queen of nice who turned all surly and now is returning to reclaim her throne atop daytime TV.

Note from Sam: We had this exchange on Thursday before realizing that the issue wouldn’t be announced until the next day. Last night Lang saw it on a magazine stand and texted me the answer. The winner is the Fall TV preview with Patrick Dempsey on the cover. I might have to cancel my subscription.