EW Guessed it!

by September 29, 2006

Once again, it’s time for SLAMonline’s hottest new weekly feature, wherein Lang and Sam try to guess what this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly will be…

Lang Whitaker: Guess what time it is?

Sam Rubenstein: EW?

Sam Rubenstein: gametime?

Lang Whitaker: Ew Guessed it!

Sam Rubenstein: I’m ready, although really clueless.

Lang Whitaker: So am I. I think if we’ve learned anything it’s that we’re really bad at guessing EW covers

Sam Rubenstein: Yes. But they’ve been wildly unpredictable lately.

Sam Rubenstein: We used to get them right before the game.

Lang Whitaker: I know. I’m not sure is that’s more of a reflection of our poor picking power or EW going down the tubes.

Sam Rubenstein: I think we should blame EW.

Lang Whitaker: Probably.

Lang Whitaker: So…maybe TO on the cover?

Sam Rubenstein: Hmmm…

Sam Rubenstein: That would definitley be their “edgiest” ever.

Lang Whitaker: If it were up to me, it would be a Norm MacDonald cover. His new album is hilarious.

Sam Rubenstein: ooooh… That would be a bold move. But that gives me an idea for who their cover might be.

Sam Rubenstein: Dane Cook. He’s hosting SNL’s season opener

Lang Whitaker: And he has that Jessica Simpson movie coming out

Lang Whitaker: I just don’t think he’s really all that funny…maybe it’s just me…apparently it’s just me
Sam Rubenstein: No, you’re not alone. He is not funny. I mean, millions of people think he is, but I am not one of them.

Sam Rubenstein: There was a little blurb from him a few weeks ago in the magazine, so maybe they were holding off for the cover.

Lang Whitaker: They should do a while SNL thing, since it’s got two TV shows based on it and has the season premiere

Lang Whitaker: but then, they just did a thing on SNL last week leading off their front of the book.

Lang Whitaker: So…

Sam Rubenstein: Do you have a pick?

Lang Whitaker: The Departed.
Sam Rubenstein: They had a whole feature on Scorcese last week, but they didn’t speak to any of the superduperstars in the movie.

Sam Rubenstein: Could be. I think you might be right.

Sam Rubenstein: I picked that last week, but too early.

Lang Whitaker: Still might be too early, don’t think it’s out for a few more weeks.

Lang Whitaker: but it’s never too early for Leo and Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson on the cover

Sam Rubenstein: Hey Marky Mark is in it too.

Lang Whitaker: Right
Lang Whitaker: OK…look it up…

Sam Rubenstein: This week’s cover is…

Sam Rubenstein: KATE WINSLET!!! Hey, she did a movie with DiCaprio 10 years ago. And I find her extremely attractive. But this is yet another head-scratcher.