Ew Guessed It!

by Lang Whitaker

The last few months, Sam and I have spent an unhealthy amount of time each Friday afternoon trying to guess what the new cover of Entertainment Weekly will be. A new issue of EW drops every Friday afternoon, and Sam and I are both avid consumers of entertainment and we work in the magazine industry. We’re also both faithful readers of EW, and somehow it came to this, that we care enough about everything to try and guess what the EW cover will be.

Anyway, last week I was telling Wifey that Sam and I do this every week, and she suggested it would make great content for SLAMonline. And hey, you can never have too much content, right? So this week Sam and I took our discourse digital and did it over IM.

Does this have anything to do with basketball? Not really, but it does have to do with what goes on around here, and it’s a nice little way to end the day on Friday.

Without further ado, let’s debut the newest weekly Friday feature on SLAMonline, Ew Guessed It!

AIM IM with Sam Rubenstein
2:56 PM
Lang Whitaker: hey

Sam Rubenstein: Hello.

Lang Whitaker: So, any early thoughts for this week’s EW cover?

Sam Rubenstein: Yes. The World Series of Pop Culture.

Lang Whitaker: Interesting, although I don’t think that’ll happen because last week’s editor’s letter was all about that, and because they’re connected with the show so there could be conflicts of interest.

Sam Rubenstein: I thought the conflict of interest might be why they promote it.

Lang Whitaker: Yeah, but it’s a basic cable game show, so I don’t think it’ll rate a cover.

Sam Rubenstein: O.K. How about Scoop. And I don’t mean Jackson. Woody Allen and Scarlett.

Lang Whitaker: Mmm…maybe, with it tied in to a bigger package about the history of Woody Allen or something.

3:00 PM
Sam Rubenstein: They did do a movie last week though. Miami Vice. Omar got his review out first though.

Lang Whitaker: Maybe it’s time for a fall TV preview or something?

Lang Whitaker: Or maybe they’ll do some sort of package thing about reality TV, since that’s all that’s on TV right now.

Sam Rubenstein: They never do music anymore. Tom Petty is my sleeper. He’s got a new album.

Lang Whitaker: Good call, but I don’t think his scary face on the cover of a mag would move copies. Any other new music?

Sam Rubenstein: Pharrell. Yaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnn.

Lang Whitaker: Yeah. What about Aguilera?

3:05 PM
Sam Rubenstein: That’s a good possibility too. EW doesn’t do the young starlet circle like the gossip mags do.

Sam Rubenstein: EW is a hard news source.

Lang Whitaker: Word.

Lang Whitaker: I’m going with Aguilera, and my darkhorse pick remains Rosie O’Donnell, because they have to give her a cover when she takes over The View.

Lang Whitaker: Oh, Lance Bass? Nah, People took all the fire out of that story already.

Sam Rubenstein: Yeah, they’ll mention Lance Bass in a little blurb. I’m going with Scarlett solo, cause Woody Allen probably only does interviews with French newspapers or something like that.

Lang Whitaker: OK, I’m going to look online now and see what’s up…

Lang Whitaker: …drumroll…

3:10 PM
Lang Whitaker: SNAKES ON A PLANE!

Sam Rubenstein: AAHHHHHH!!!! How did we miss that!

Sam Rubenstein: I’ve embarrassed my family.

Lang Whitaker: We talked about that for half an hour the other night during SLAM Radio. I thought it was too soon for a cover.

Sam Rubenstein: I don’t even know when it’s coming out.

Lang Whitaker: Me either. But when it does we need to start a new column called Snakes on a Website.