For the Celtics, Tonight is Their Game 7

by May 13, 2010

Boston knows they need to snuff the life out of the Cavs tonight, as an elimination game back in Cleveland is the last thing they want to have to deal with. From WEEI: “We cannot come back here [to Cleveland],’ said Garnett in a postgame interview . ‘We have to think this is out Game 7 coming up and we cannot afford to have the best team in the league have a Game 4 on their floor. Just not possible.’ Forgetting for a moment the irony of Kevin Garnett telling us that something is NOT possible, the Celtics on Wednesday were quick to agree that Game 6 falls in the ‘must-win’ category. ‘That’s the way we have to have it,’ said Glen Davis following practice on Wednesday. ‘We got to look at it  – Game 7. This is the last game. We gotta finish it, gotta close it out. He [Garnett] is right. We have to make sure that we go into the game like it’s our last.’ Kendrick Perkins — already no stranger to a Game 7 in his still-young career — wants no part of a winner take all battle in Cleveland, particulary when the Celtics have a chance to take care of business at home. ‘Yeah it is,’ said Perkins when asked if he agreed with Garnett’s thoughts. ‘It’s like our Game 7 coming up. We don’t want to back to Cleveland so we just have to come out with the right focus, right mindset.’ Davis is of course aware that the Celtics have already won a pair of games in Cleveland during this series, so winning a Game 7 (the real Game 7, not the Game 6 as Game 7, just to be clear) isn’t an impossible task. Still, the forward isn’t interested in tempting fate.”