Foxy Ricky is back.

By Sam Rubenstein

Blazer Thoughts poses an interesting question: Who are the most underrated and overrated Blazers of all-time? My pick for most underrated is Sabonis. Overrated is a slightly longer list.

Raptors HQ is in the reminisicing mood too, putting together the all-time Raptors team. What, no Alonzo Mourning’s contract? Oh right, they might get to that in their worst ever Raptors list next week.
Foxy ladyThe best part of the Laker dynasty crumbling was that Rick Fox – the guy who somehow managed to play the role of enforcer on a team with Shaq – disappeared from public view for a while. Now he’s acting in a dramatic miniseries called Dirt. Here’s a pun for you: He’s still doing the dirty work. I hate myself for thinking that, and even more for writing it. Lang says he has the same haircut as the guy from Greatest American Hero. I think he looks like Little Richard in that GEICO ad with the housewife.

Hey, Bill Walton is the broadcaster for the Team USA tuneups? People love him!

Last week the Connecticut Sun were without injured all-universe superstar Katie Douglas, who I’ve been trying to hype up for MVP. At the same time as her injury, I was on vacation. Coincidence?