Frank Ntilikina Compared to a ‘Young’ Kyrie Irving

by September 28, 2017

Ramon Sessions has taken New York Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina under his wing, and sees flashes of a “young” Kyrie Irving in the 19-year-old.

Sessions, 32, says Ntilikina has “got a lot of Kyrie tendencies” in his game.

The 6-5 point guard was picked eighth overall in this summer’s NBA Draft.

Per the NY Post:

“It’s funny,” Sessions said in his first remarks since signing with the Knicks. “It’s one of those things. I played with Johnny [Flynn] when he was younger. Kyrie when he was young. He’s got a lot of Kyrie tendencies. Not the most athletic guy but can handle the ball in tight spots. It’s still early on, but he definitely gives me that Kyrie feel when Kyrie was a rookie.“


Ntilikina was thrilled to hear Sessions’ comment. A lot of his peers have overlooked the European because they haven’t seen him play in the French League, where he made the Finals for Strasbourg. In the poll of NBA rookies, he didn’t garner one vote for any category. Ntilikina also missed the summer league with a knee injury sustained in the French finals.


“Kyrie is Kyrie,” Ntilikina told The Post. “That’s something. He’s an All-Star, has done crazy things. Hearing that is a blessing. Ramon is here for me. Giving me a lot of advice. I’m learning a lot from him.”