Frosted Mini Links

Because I can:

* The would-be player-president fills out his brackets. Does Obama picking UNC to win it all mean MJ can finally get over his political neutrality and endorse a candidate? Oh, wait, he already did.

Of course, posting that reminded me of this, a silly, self-indulgent exercise from a few months back — and one that I feel compelled to update now. Ready? I know you are…

Hillary Clinton is now… Gregg Popovich. Both are known quantities who should, by rights, be heavy favorites right now, but both seem to have been caught off-guard by younger, more charismatic competition. Both are proven winners who can’t yet be counted out; that said, both will have to make up significant deficits in the standings if they want to win it all.

Barack Obama is now… Rick Adelman. Both came into the campaign as huge underdogs who seemed unlikely to seriously challenge their more established competitors. Both rode a remarkable hot streak midway through the campaign to actually take a lead. Neither has proven they can actually hold that lead, though, and both have been hampered by unexpected setbacks. As such, there remain doubts about whether either of them will be strong enough down the stretch.

John McCain is now… Byron Scott. Both have had incredibly strong runs so far, yet both are still sort of flying under the radar, mostly due to the hype surrounding key opponents. Soon, though, both will have to show and prove.

Moving on…

* March Madness, right? Hate on the Invitational all you want, but Johny Flynn’s through the legs drop-off to Donte Green in the ‘Cuse-UMD game yesterday was the highlight of the night. (And if you can actually find it anywhere on the Internets that’s Mac compatible, do let me know.)

* This is funny. Not sure if it’s true, but let’s be honest — it could be.

* “We have several different algorithms or models that we look at… building matrices… using linear algebra… ” Yes, it’s the nerds again. They picked the K-State upset, so good for them. Here’s the thing: It got you three minutes on NPR, homie, but it’ll never get you laid. I’m just saying.

* Just so it’s clear, I am not a Knicks fan and no longer live in New York City, so of course I have nothing to do with this. I am, in fact, reluctant to even draw your attention to their “cause,” but it’s not like you wouldn’t have found out about them eventually.

* And finally: I’ll send you out on a happy note, because it’s Easter: The Olympics, much like record company people, are shady.