Gary Payton Wants to Become a Coach

by June 08, 2010

As long as Payton is mike’d up the whole time, I’m all for this. From the Las Vegas Sun: “During what is the in-between time in his adult life, Gary Payton has found the ideal home in Las Vegas. What he’s between is what was a hall-of-fame-caliber playing career in the NBA and what he hopes will be an equally successful run as a professional coach in the coming years. ‘I basically said that when I was going to retire, I was going to take my time — I wasn’t going to jump back into basketball,’ he said. ‘Now, it’s about time for me to get back to what I want to do. I want to get a good job in coaching, move to a city where I think I can help younger kids and I think that’ll be my next thing to do in the next year or so.’ When Payton ultimately does move on, he’ll be able to say that the three years since his retirement have been nothing short of fulfilling. Spending the brunt of that time in his Summerlin neighborhood with his wife, Monique, and their kids, he’s become the everyday suburban man.”