George Karl Officially Cleared By Doctors

It sounds like there’s a good chance Karl could be on the bench for opening night. From the Denver Post: “‘It’s official,’ George Karl said Thursday just before taking off for a long Labor Day weekend with family. ‘I’ve been cleared to go for it. My PET scan came back great.’ There are no guarantees with cancer, of course. Two weeks before the PET scan that showed no signs of the squamous cell carcinoma he battled this year, Karl took his annual prostate test to make sure the cancer he beat five years ago has not returned. ‘In three months, I’m going to have another PET scan,’ he said. ‘I’ll probably have three or four more PET scans in the next year. And then the second year it won’t be that many, it might be only two, but you’ve still got to go through them. The one they did, they were very positive on. In general, they said they couldn’t find any cancer cells and it looked great. I think the word was ‘excellent.’ It was an excellent scan as the doctor defines it.'”