George Karl on DeMarcus Cousins Trade Talk: ‘Crazy Crazy Fibs and Lies’

Following a couple of days of ongoing trade rumors, Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl was spotted on a golf course, and asked directly if he wants DeMarcus Cousins gone from Sac-Town.

Karl says that Boogie is the Kings’ best player, but that he wants the young All-Star center “committed and dedicated”.

OK, George …

Per the Sac Bee:

“I think it’s just a lot of crazy crazy fibs and lies,” Karl said. “It’s just a situation where we won 29 games last year and for us as a basketball organization we want to get better. Cous is our best player, we know that. We want him committed and dedicated to being in Sacramento and playing and leading us to the first playoffs in Sacramento in six, seven, eight nine years.”


“My interest right now is commitment, trust and building a team that’s excited about being in Sacramento, excited and committed to being a good basketball team and representing the city of Sacramento,” Karl said. […] “If he comes committed, I’m a 120 percent into making him the best basketball player he could ever be.”