Karl Wants to Address L’Affaire Donaghy

The Nuggets’ head coach wants to attack the issue forcefully, and en masse: “The NBA, Karl said, should start fighting back … Karl suggested a town-hall meeting where coaches, general managers, and league officials could address en masse Donaghy’s continuing efforts to further undermine the NBA’s integrity, which he damaged by betting on games — many of which he officiated — and passing information to gamblers. Donaghy pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges and was released from prison last month after serving nearly all of his 15-month sentence. The 60 Minutes interview was his first, with more national appearances to come with the release of his book detailing the scandal, ‘Personal Foul.’ ‘It’s a tough place for me to comment and the league to comment,’ Karl said. ‘They should have a town hall meeting, and that one day we can say whatever we want to say and get it over with. Because if it has to linger around for the next six weeks, when the book comes out and when he’s on TV all the time, then we’re going to be responding to questions that the league probably doesn’t want us to respond to. But in this same sense, maybe there should be a forum. Let’s address this one time or two times and then let it go. For me that’s the way I would like it.'”