Gerald Wallace Calls Season With Celtics ‘a Slap in the Face’

There are only three certainities in life: death, taxes, and an unhappy Gerald Wallace. The Boston Herald has the latest complaints from the veteran Celtics forward:

This isn’t a pleasant segue into the latter years of a career already in its 13th season. He’s 31, and his body feels like 40. He’s probably stuck here with an untradeable contract. He keeps speaking out, trying to lead. Then comes another night when someone doesn’t attack a loose ball or rotate on defense.

“You’re sitting, only playing 17 or 18 minutes a game,” Wallace said. “You’re watching, you know you can still play, and you watch guys in front of you who don’t play with effort, don’t respect the game and don’t think team first. It kind of frustrates you and (ticks) you off. You have to deal with it.”

“This season is a slap in the face, having to change my game and fine-tune it,” he said. “First of all, it has to come mentally. You accept your situation, but there’s two sides to your brain. One side is fighting the other side because of the predicament you’re in. You feel you can still perform at the level you always have, but at the same time, you’re doubting yourself.”