Gerald Wallace Has a Torn Meniscus

Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace is suffering from a torn meniscus, the team announced Friday. GM Danny Ainge confirmed that Wallace is out for the remainder of the season. Per the Boston Herald:

Danny Ainge may be on a college scouting trip, but from a water-calming talk with Rajon Rondo yesterday to today’s news that Gerald Wallace’s season is over, the Celtics president’s mind has never left Waltham.

Ainge, asked today about the news that Gerald Wallace will need knee and ankle surgery – the former to repair a torn meniscus and the latter to eliminate bone spurs – said, “he’s done for the season.”

According to Celtics coach Brad Stevens, Wallace has been playing with the bone spurs, and had planned to have postseason surgery. But the forward started having knee trouble over the last two games. Tests revealed a torn meniscus, accelerating the surgery schedule. Wallace is now expected to have two procedures, perhaps as soon as the upcoming week.

Wallace, whose nickname (Crash) emanated from a career of sacrificing his body, told Stevens yesterday that he has never had surgery. That revelation has amazed the entire Celtics staff.

Ainge said that he talked to Rondo yesterday regarding the so-called “birthdaygate” incident – when Rondo chose to celebrate his 28th birthday in Los Angeles last Saturday instead of traveling to Sacramento with the team, reasoning that he wasn’t going to play in the game for health reasons – and was satisfied with the result.

Ainge would not say whether Rondo was fined for not seeking official permission, but that “I learned a few things, and he learned a few things.” …