Get Ready for a Happy, Sunny SVG

by November 20, 2009

Dwight Howard wants Stan to find his happy place. If such a place exists: “The fiery, demanding Van Gundy confirmed that he met with Howard, who was speaking on behalf of the team. ‘I think, as a team, there was a lot of negativity and it’s not like Stan’s a negative guy,’ Howard said before the Magic left for Boston to face the Celtics on Friday night. ‘But it’s like there’s always some clashes and focusing so much on our mistakes. Instead of bringing each other down, we have to pull each other up. That’s the only thing I wanted from coach.’ Van Gundy told the Sentinel that his negativity was ‘draining the enthusiasm’ from his team. He vowed to change his tactics — from practices to press conferences to the bench on game nights — after listening to Howard’s concerns. The meeting occurred some time prior to the team’s Wednesday morning shoot-around.”