Getting to Know Joshua Harris, Sixers Soon-To-Be-Owner

by August 02, 2011
26’s Kate Fagan profiles the Philadelphia 76ers soon-to-be-owner. Here’s a snippet, but be sure to read the full piece, especially if you’re a fan of the Sixers: “It’s hard to gather information about Harris because, even though he’s done plenty of headline-grabbing deals in the last two decades, he’s rarely quoted or publicly involved. He remains in close contact with alumni relations at both Penn and Harvard, but he’s never turned his immense wealth into social fame. In a very significant way, that’s about to change. ‘This is a big stage,’ said Bippy Siegal, a good friend who has joined Harris at many Knicks games. ‘You screw this up, and you open up the newspaper, and you’re an idiot. I think he thrives under pressured environments. I think this is a challenge he’s never had before . . . but it was a no-brainer, when he told me I was like, What else is new?’ Siegal said that he had dinner with Harris last week and that Harris was constantly on his phone: calls, texts, action. ‘When the guy went into the energy-and-metals businesses, he didn’t know anything about it, and within a year he was, like, the global expert,’ Siegal said. ‘He knows what he knows, and he knows what he doesn’t know. And what he doesn’t know, he learns very quickly.’ Siegal said Harris is consistently honest and thoughtful with all of his decisions.”