Giannis Antetokounmpo on Knee Injury: ‘I Play Too Much’

Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo says the pain in his right knee is caused by not getting enough rest.

In an interview with Eurohoops’ Varlas Nikos, Giannis said that taking no time off and playing heavy minutes both contributed to his knee pain (starting at 1:48):

Roughly translated from Greek:

What do doctors say?

Giannis: “The problem is that I play too much.”

There’s no other issue?

Giannis: “No, it’s just that I have to rest more. This summer I had no time to rest. After the playoffs, I went straight to the gym. I went to see Kostas and practiced for about a week and a half with him.

“I didn’t have any rest. And that’s how the situation deteriorated. After this season, I will have time to rest. […]

“I had time to rest and when I was back, I was in better shape. I wanted to show to my team and my teammates that… They know I’m in pain. When I play for 40 minutes every night, they say, ‘How is he in pain? He can play.’

“But I showed to my teammates when I told them that, Guys, I will stay off for two games, and I will return in better shape.”

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