Gilbert Arenas: Canadian National Anthem is Just ‘Wasting 5 Mins of Warmup Time’

by April 15, 2015

Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas may have been out of the NBA for years now, but he’s still a diehard Wizards fan. He routinely posts trash talk on his Instagram page (@theagentzeroshow) when it comes to the Wiz, and this year is no different.

Last night, GilZero addressed the Wizards’ potential playoff opponents—Washington will face either Chicago or Toronto in the first round—with this IG post:


If you’re having trouble reading that caption, here’s the full text:

“Im ready…..the #DMV is ready….toronto yall dont want these problems…CANADA im sorry but ur players still dont know ur national anthem songz…unless #drake put that in a song…yall just wasting 5 mins of warmup time…im just saying we have older players..and that #bengay runs out by time the game start….#BULLS u better not drop that game tomorrow….or we frying up some bologna and yes were gonna keep the ring on it..hahahaha #trashtalking101 i need my tickets front row #MsJones”

Never change, Gil.