Gilbert Arenas: From Agent Zero, to Six

by March 12, 2010

In an effort to re-invent himself, Gilbert is changing his jersey number (he was born and suspended on Jan.6th), and Mike Miller tells the WaPo that he’s happy to give up his own number for Arenas: “After the Wizards lost their fifth game in a row to the Atlanta Hawks, the question that had to be asked had nothing to do with the performances of Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee, or how they were going to stay energized playing three games in three consecutive nights. No, Mike Miller had to explain his thoughts now that Gilbert Arenas’s desire to abandon No. 0 – and all of the Agent Zeroisms that came with it – to switch the No. 6 currently in Miller’s possession. As expected, Miller had no problem with it. ‘He gave me a call, asked me about it. I gave him the go-ahead,’ Miller said. ‘If he wants No. 6, he can have it.’ When asked what number he’ll wear if he and Arenas are teammates in Washington next season, Miller said he would probably go with his familiar No. 33, which became available when the Wizards traded Brendan Haywood to Dallas last month.”