Gilbert Arenas Lacking Confidence

Now, there’s a headline that I never imagined needing to write. But it’s apparently true, according to Gil’s coach, teammates, and even himself: “The decline in production has been especially noticeable the past two games, as Arenas has failed to reach double digits and scored a total of 15 points on 7 for 18 (38 percent) shooting. Arenas opened up last Saturday about his frustrations as the season has dragged on, admitting that regaining his pre-injury form has taken longer than he thought it would. On Monday, Coach Flip Saunders said that Arenas’s passive play, as a scorer and facilitator has been noticeable. ‘He’s not confident right now. Everyone goes through it. Baseball players, hitters go through it,’ he said. ‘Right now, it’s probably because a lot of factors are involved. But it’s not going to stop him from shooting — it shouldn’t. He has to understand, it’s going to come at some point.”‘