Gilbert Arenas: Mike D’Antoni Didn’t Want to Trade for Me

by December 31, 2010

Mike D’Antoni doesn’t agree with Gil’s version of the events, but Arenas says the Knicks’ coach didn’t want him on his team. The NY Post reports: “I heard I could’ve been traded there and then I heard I wasn’t his type of point guard,’ said Arenas, who scored 10 points in last night’s 112-103 Magic win. ‘I understand when you’ve had Steve Nash all those years, I’m a guy who’s still trying to score 60.’ Part of the summer strategy was leaving cap space open for 2011 with Carmelo Anthony’s free agency and Chris Paul’s free agency in 2102. If the Knicks discussed Arenas, it likely was shot down because of his contract. He will make $19 million next season and $21 million in 2012. After the Amar’e Stoudemire signing, the Knicks likely didn’t have room for Arenas unless Eddy Curry’s deal was in the trade. ‘It didn’t even come up,’ D’Antoni said. ‘He never came up. Not that I can remember.’ Could he fit in D’Antoni’s point-guard system? ‘I’m sure he could,’ D’Antoni said. ‘He’s a good player.'”