Gilbert Arenas on Refs: ‘They’re Profiling Me’

by December 04, 2009

Another day, another conspiracy theory from Agent Zero. Ho-hum: “They made this new rule, I don’t know what it is … it’s frustrating this season. I used to average about 11 or 12 free-throws a game, now I can’t even get a call. I feel like they’re profiling me as a player. I’m creating all the contact, and I’m saying that’s what a scorer is supposed to do, they’re supposed to create the contact when they get into the lane. It’s not double-jeopardy, but if they’re outside the lane, it’s a charge. Now if they’re inside the lane and I get into them, it’s a no call. So I’m asking, ‘Where do I win at?’ Last game I got so frustrated I had to get a tech.  It’s just frustrating because I can’t play my game because I’m ‘jumping into everybody.’ If two refs say it, that’s fine. But if every ref says it to me, that means before the game you’re consciously thinking, ‘When he goes to the lane, we can’t call it because they’re jumping straight up.’”