Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis is Now a Vegan

by March 08, 2013

The man they call “Big Baby” is all grown up when it comes to diet — Glen Davis is trying out a vegan lifestyle as he recovers from a season-ending fracture in his left foot. Per the Orlando Sentinel: “Glen Davis is trying a vegan diet — a diet in which he’s not consuming any animal products. He said he made the change at least in part to help his left foot, which he fractured on Jan. 30. ‘The lighter, the better,’ Davis said. ‘No pressure on that foot. I’m just trying to find ways to eat comfortably and also have a little bit of taste. It’s difficult, but at the same time, it’s about your mental mind-set. You’ve just got to stay with it.’ On Feb. 1, a screw was inserted into the fifth metatarsal in Davis’ left foot to stabilize the bone and promote healing. He’s expected to recover fully. Although Davis is listed as 6 feet 8 and 289 pounds, he has weighed more than 300 pounds during at least portions of his Magic tenure.”