Glen Davis Believes Boston is ‘Way Deeper Than Miami’

by April 29, 2011

What is arguably the most anticipated NBA Playoff series tips off on Sunday, and just in time, Big Baby is talking smack (something his coach refuses to feed into.) Reports WEEI: “I feel like our bench is way stronger than theirs,’ Davis said. ‘We’re way deeper than them. We just have to make sure we use our depth.’ The Heat have primarily used three reserves in their first round series with Philadelphia — Joel Anthony, Mario Chalmers and James Jones — but they may get a boost if Udonis Haslem is able to return from foot surgery that has kept him out since late November. An ineffective Mike Miller has fallen out of the rotation. The Celtics may be deeper on paper, but their second unit didn’t exactly distinguish itself in their series with the Knicks except for a strong showing in the first half of Game 4. Rivers feels like he has gained some insight from that series, however. ‘We knew what the starters could do,’ Rivers said. ‘We weren’t sure what the fifth guy with the starters could do and you had no idea going into a playoff series what your bench, not only what they were going to give you, but what worked for them. As the playoffs went on we kind of figured out more and more what they’re comfortable with, what they can’t run more than what they can run.’ Despite their struggles, Rivers was encouraged by some of what he saw in New York, particularly on the block. ‘The one thing they do well is post,’ Rivers said. ‘That second group is a great post group. Jeff Green, Delonte [West] and Baby, so we have to try to run a package more suited to them.'”