Glen Davis Wants Celtics Fans to Show Him ‘Love’ in Return to Boston

by January 23, 2012

After the trade to Orlando prior to the season, Big Baby will make his return to Beantown for the first time tonight, in what promises to be an emotional affair for the big fella. From the Orlando Sentinel: “[Glen] Davis, 26, has a delightful, child-like demeanor, but he’s sometimes harder to figure out than a Sudoku puzzle. For instance, why did he pull down his trunks last Friday night during a game while complaining about a call? Lowering his drawers drew a technical foul, his third of the season, and thousands of You Tube hits. ‘It was just a reaction,’ he said. ‘I accidentally did that. It was an accident.’ He’s an unpredictable, emotional powder keg, and it doesn’t take much to light the fuse. Before the problem with keeping his pants on, Davis got into an altercation with a fan in Portland. Obviously, it’s taken only a sample size of being around Big Baby for the Magic to realize they often don’t know what to expect, including in his return to Boston. Davis, who spent his first four NBA seasons with the Celtics, was sent to the Magic (along with Von Wafer) in a sign-and-trade for Brandon Bass once the lockout ended. He said he might cry at TDGarden, especially if the Celtics show videos of the championship season. He said he hopes the Celtics fans ‘give me love…..I want to get this out of the way.’ … ‘We just have to let it play out,’ Dwight Howard said. ‘He’s emotional. He might cry. We’ll make sure we bring a big pacifier.'”