Golden State Warriors Undecided on Stephen Curry’s Future

by August 20, 2012

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, who missed 40 games last season due to a series of right ankle injuries, is making steady progress during rehab and plans to be fully healthy for the start of training camp. But even with those positive reports, general manager Bob Myers and the front office have until October 31 to decide on a contract extension for Curry. And as of now, the organization is very much undecided on the risky call. Via “’I’ve talked to Bob,’ Curry said after the Wednesday burn that lasted about 90 minutes, in addition to his therapy. ‘He’s expressed that they want me as a part of the future. Obviously it’s a business decision, an investment, and they have to protect themselves as well. I don’t know what that’ll mean and exactly what they’ll offer. But hopefully they see how hard I’ve been working in the summer to get back and that I have a different optimism than I’ve had going into each year. I’m ready to go. They’ve seen me work out a little bit now. Knowing that we went into the ankle in April and saw there was no structural damage, no red flags that say, ‘Hey, he’s not going to be the same player ever again’ — all those things kind of add up to me being a good investment piece for the future.’ The Warriors will talk contract ahead of Oct. 31. But what is not clear is whether they will be courtesy conversations, designed to let Curry know he is wanted yet minus the serious money to close the deal.”