Jordan? Jordan. JORDAN!

Quick recap: I attended Penn State University as an undergrad and recently came back to my alma mater to work and raise my son and eat lots of unhealthy breakfast foods and ridiculously fattening ice cream. Life is good.

However, my basketball team sucks, which, as I’ve pointed out before, is ironic because of the name of the gym they play in.

The Jordan Center. Yeah. Good one.

Well, maybe somebody knew something when they built this place 12 years ago. Maybe they know Mike had a kid who would one day be good enough to play Division 1 ball, but not good enough to play at UNC. Or NC State. Or any other school that goes to the NCAA Tournament on a regular basis.

Maybe they knew we’d be just what that young man needed.

So, Mike: You’re more than welcome to crash in our guestroom, but two things, please: No stogies in the house, and no fat chicks. See you in November.