Goodman League vs. Drew League Rematch Set for October 9 in L.A.

by September 19, 2011

After a couple of problems delayed the inevitable Goodman League-Drew League rematch, it appears all has been worked out and a second game is on its way. Via USA Today: “A rematch between the Drew and Goodman leagues of NBA players competing during the lockout appears set for Los Angeles on the campus of Cal-State Dominguez on Oct. 9. Monday, commissioner Dino Smiley of the Los Angeles-based Drew League confirmed after weeks of haggling that his team will get another shot after falling 135-134 last month at the Washington D.C.-based Goodman League. Center JaVale McGee (Washington Wizards) is not expected to play in the game for the Drew, but there will be new faces for the rematch: Ryan Hollins (Cleveland Cavaliers), Dorrell Wright (Golden State Warriors), Nick Young (Wizards) and Trevor Ariza (New Orleans Hornets). The Drew was tentatively scheduled to play a pro-am team from Seattle on Oct. 9, led by Jamal Crawford (Atlanta Hawks). They’re trying to reschedule that for Oct. 16.”