Gordon Got Trade News on Bus with Clipper Fans, Teammates

by December 15, 2011

While most of the country raves about Chris Paul landing in Los Angeles, at least one player is not so thrilled, especially considering the way he found out. Eric Gordon learned he’d been shipped to New Orleans in exchange for CP3 while participating in a Clippers team event with season ticket holders and teammates. According to a TrueHoop report: “On Wednesday when Gordon found out he’d been dealt to the Hornets, he was on a bus with teammates Ryan Gomes, Eric Bledsoe and Willie Warren, Clippers assistant coaches Dean Demopolous and Howard Eisley, four season ticket holders and the Clippers Spirit dance team, Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com tweeted. After visiting patients and signing autographs at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, the group hopped back onto the bus and Gordon sat in the back with his teammates. A few minutes after leaving the hospital en route to a second stop in downtown Los Angeles, the mood quickly shifted. “We found out about five minutes into the drive from the hospital to downtown,” Ricky Chu, a 20-year season ticket holder who was on the bus. “We saw on Twitter that the trade went through. Everyone was just looking at their phones and was, like, ‘Wow!’ Right when we looked up, he got a phone call and you could just tell that’s what it was about because you could see his face go really sad. There was no anger about it, but you could tell he was really bummed.” Gordon got off the phone just before the bus arrived at the second stop, an office building that’s home to a company that has season tickets to the Clippers. He had a quick, quiet conversation with his teammates in the back. Then the bus pulled into the second location, and everyone rose to get off…Clippers staffers asked the season-ticket holders not to mention the trade to Gordon, and they obliged. When the group reached the office on an upper floor, Gordon fulfilled his final duties as a Los Angeles Clipper with poise.”