Gregg Popovich Wants More Ball Movement from the Spurs in Game 6

by June 06, 2012

Precise, relentless ball movement (leading to ridiculously wide-open shots) is what got the San Antonio Spurs this far in the first place. They seem to have forgotten this during the past three games against the OKC Thunder, according to head coach Gregg Popovich. And in addition to limiting their turnovers, Pop wants his team to stop trying so much one-one-one play in tonight’s must-win Game 6. Per the Express-News: “I think the first two games, Oklahoma City didn’t do a very good job of hitting the open man,’ Popovich said. ‘They were pretty hell bent for leather and didn’t really play with all the pieces, and we took those games. “And (now), it’s sort of reversed.’ The Spurs are down 3-2 in the series heading into Game 6 tonight at Chesapeake Energy Arena, after opening with a 2-0 lead. During the past three games, the Thunder have spread the scoring wealth among role players such as Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha and Daequan Cook. The Spurs’ offense, meanwhile, has at times looked like more of a solo act. ‘When I look at the film now, you can see us try to do some things on our own,’ Popovich said. ‘Too many people doing it on their own — out of good intent — but it leads to contested shots, leads to turnovers, that kind of thing, where you see Oklahoma City passing the ball and playing like we did in the first two games.’ With the ball failing to move during much of their three losses, the Spurs have totaled 57 assists and 52 turnovers. They have committed 21 turnovers apiece three times, including a Game 1 in which they were victorious. Manu Ginobili has coughed up a team-high 15 turnovers in the past three games. Tony Parker has 11.”