Gregg Popovich: Warriors in a ‘Different League Than the Rest of Us’

by January 25, 2017

Gregg Popovich enjoys watching the Golden State Warriors; their style of play is “beautiful” according to the NBA’s greatest coach.

Popovich thinks the Warriors in a class by themselves.

Pop has no qualms about the Dubs becoming even more terrifying by snagging Kevin Durant last summer.

Per CBS:

“I don’t watch Golden State’s film,” Popovich said before San Antonio’s game against the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday. “I watch a game once in a while because Golden State’s really fun to watch. You’ve got to admit that, they’re in a different league than the rest of us.”


When the Warriors signed Kevin Durant after winning an NBA record 73 games last season, there was some resentment around the league from their competitors. If Popovich was in that camp, then he did an incredible job of hiding it.


“That’s your job,” Popovich said. “What team wouldn’t try to put together as good a group as they can? They did a good job, they figured it out, they get credit for it. It’s got nothing to do with oh, that’s unfair. Life’s unfair. Get over it. Go play ’em. If you want to beat ’em, do your best to beat ’em. You do or you don’t. No reason to denigrate them in any way, shape or form. They’re beautiful.”

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