Grizz Owner: ‘This is Pure Luck’

by May 03, 2011

Mike Heisley’s team is headlining a Playoffs for the ages. He may think it’s coincidence, but as we know, you make your own luck. From the Commercial Appeal: “Everyone has been wrong about significant aspects of this team, from management on down. Hollins had so little faith in Tony Allen early in the season that he let him spend whole games on the bench. The Grizzlies had so little faith in O.J. Mayo at the trade deadline that they tried to swap him for Josh McRoberts and a draft pick. ‘I’ve been wrong about a lot of things,’ said owner Mike Heisley. ‘I was wrong about Allen Iverson and we were wrong about Thabeet. I said this when we were bad so I have to say it now, too. A lot of this is pure luck.'”