Hakeem Olajuwon Tutored Rashard Lewis in the Summer

Judging by his crap-tastic start to the season, Rashard — the second Magic player to work with Dream this past summer — needs to get back in the hoops classroom (or at the very least, start putting Hakeem’s lessons to use). From SI: “You got a little help over the summer in that effort from former 12-time All-Star, Hakeem Olajuwon? What did you work on with him? Lewis: ‘We worked on footwork, which is where a lot of his moves came from. We also worked on post moves, facing up and isolation plays. But it was mostly about the footwork, how to make those moves. He showed me a lot. I haven’t necessarily used it a lot yet; usually when practice starts you’re working on a lot of team concepts and not individual stuff. But I’m still working on it when I do get a chance. I’ve been playing a little bit in the post and have tried to add [some of what I learned] to my game.'”