He returns to you. Watching.

by July 16, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

The details of my vacation are inconsequential to you and personal to me. All you need to know is that I climbed to the peak of the highest mountain. Swam to the murky depths of the deepest sea. Threw my mercy on a golden wolf, who led us through the blackest jungle and taught us the secrets of the blade. I murdered many a winged beast in cold blood with no thought of remorse. Unleashed a godless fury of annihilation across the chessboard. Ripped the very stars out of the heavens and held them in my war stained hands.

I also spent a lot of time reading epic literature, so my pattern of speech has been somewhat affected. For example, during the chess wars with my girlfriend, I couldn’t contain myself from taking her rook and proclaiming things like “BLOOD HAS BEEN SPILLED ON THE BATTLEFIELD!!!”

My life on vacation was the complete opposite of what it normally is. Instead of staring at a glowing box all day, reading short bursts of information, and churning out short bursts of material, I was detached from technology. Time was passed by reading and learning from 500 page books back to back. A vastly different experience.

I was born in Brooklyn, and with only a few breaks, I’ve spent pretty much my whole life in an urban environment. It’s just what I am used to and accept as the way the world is. The very best thing about going away was the serene quiet.

There was no television, no movies, no computer, no phone, no video games, and no internet. No pressure to do anything. Like I said, it was a different world. For the first time in a long time, I could actually hear myself think. For a naturally introspective person like myself, it was paradise in its purest form. If this all sounds like the ramblings of a madman, I counter by telling you that I have never felt more sane in my life, and that this is “the real me.”

Back to the business of slamonline. I was so far removed from my regular day that I have no concept of anything that happened in the world since last Saturday morning. I can see that the Mutoni explosion has begun, and he has been doing a great job keeping the site flush with new content, and our old bloggers have been chiming in during the summertime as well. I will have to head to the office and play lots of catch up.

The newest new look to the site is of course beautiful. This is the first post I tag as “The Watcher”, so let’s see how it goes. I see that the NY Times is suggesting that we should have to pay $1.25 for the paper version now, but that’s about the only thing I know of that happened in the outside world, basketball or otherwise. Would someone be so kind as to inform me of what has been happening in the world over the past 10 days?