Heat Co-Owner: LeBron James ‘Failed’ to Get Erik Spoelstra Fired

by January 27, 2016

When the Cleveland Cavaliers stunningly fired head coach David Blatt last Friday, everyone automatically assumed that LeBron James had called in the hit (though he denied any involvement in the matter.)

Ranaan Katz, a limited ownership partner in Miami, alleged on a sports radio show in Israel that LBJ tried—but ultimately failed—to pull the same stunt with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra during their time together in South Beach.

Katz, naturally, attempted to walk back his comments as pure speculation when contacted by reporters Tuesday.

Per the Sun-Sentinel and Bleacher Report:

Reached Tuesday, Katz said, “That was my opinion. I am very careful with what I say. I have no knowledge of what happened.” […] A Heat spokesman said before Tuesday night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center that there was no such attempt by James.


On why James left Miami for Cleveland: “With the Miami Heat, LeBron James—before and after his four seasons when his contract was up with the team—made it clear that he wanted to dump head coach Erik Spoelstra. At one point, [Heat president] Pat Riley called LeBron into his office said that no one will tell him how to run the organization. Riley told James that Spoelstra is his guy and that firing Spoelstra is out of the question. That was the main reason LeBron returned to Cleveland.”


Katz does not hide his feelings over James’ departure. […] “The guy left,” he said Tuesday, “I would not talk to him again. I have my own feelings, but that is all.”