Hedo Turkoglu Unhappy With Role

This is what happens when you under-perform after signing a massive free agent deal: “Turkoglu, who signed a five-year $53-milliion deal US with Toronto this summer, admitted yesterday he is uncomfortable with his role at a time when just about everyone else on this Raptors roster seems to have found a comfort zone … In short, Turkoglu is not playing with the ball in his hands as much as he was accustomed to in Orlando and he’s having a hard time making an impact in games without it. ‘It’s hard for me to tell you right now that I can run down the side and just expect to be a spot-up guy after the past three years being the point guard and leading the team and making those decisions,’ Turkoglu said. ‘Still, I will try to be out there and try to do my best and hopefully things will turn around.”‘