Houston Rockets Continue to Push for Dwight Howard Trade

by July 08, 2012

Before the Draft, the Houston Rockets were rumored to be stockpiling picks in an attempt to swing a deal for Magic big man Dwight Howard. That didn’t happen, but the Rockets haven’t given up, even as free agency has carried on and DH has reportedly ruled out signing long-term with every NBA team not located in Brooklyn. Per CBS: “The Houston Rockets continue to push hard to acquire draft picks and cap space in an effort to provide a package of assets that will entice the Orlando Magic to trade Dwight Howard, league sources told CBSSports.com Saturday. One of the reasons Houston traded point guard Kyle Lowry to Toronto for what essentially is a guaranteed lottery pick was to sweeten the pot in a potential Howard trade, sources said. In discussions with the Knicks, Heat and now Nets about a sign-and-trade for Marcus Camby, the Rockets are hoping to accumulate more picks to make their trade package for Howard more attractive. ‘The Rockets are definitely trying to make some sort of huge trade,’ said a person briefed on Houston’s plans. ‘That’s why they’re trading all these things to get a bunch of picks. That’s what they’re up to.’ … According to a person familiar with Orlando’s plans, the same teams remain in the mix for a possible Howard deal: the Lakers, Nets, Rockets, Hawks and Mavericks. There has been no indication, however, from Howard or his agent, Dan Fegan, that the All-Star center is willing to relax his insistence on signing a long-term deal only with the Nets if traded.”