How Long Will Brandon Roy Be Sidelined?

by April 12, 2010

With the Playoffs right around the corner, it’s the question on every Blazer fans’ mind. The Oregonian encourages the team to sit him out until the postseason starts: “If there was ever a day that summed up the Blazers’ season, it was Sunday. Every time something good happens to this team, it is accompanied by something bad. On Sunday, Roy was out before halftime with a right knee injury. But the Blazers do the unexpected and win on the road against the Lakers. Later, about the same time Oklahoma City was being upset at Golden State, dropping it into a tie with the Blazers and San Antonio, a high-ranking Blazers official ruled Roy out of tonight’s contest against the Thunder. The guess here is that Roy will also be held out of Wednesday’s season finale against Golden State, which would be the right call. Having him healthy for the playoffs is more important right now than the difference between a sixth, seventh or even eighth seed. ‘We have to have him. We have to have him,’ coach Nate McMillan said, referring to the long-term picture of the playoffs. ‘Definitely, what is important is the playoffs, having him right for that. But if we can play him in these (regular season) games we will certainly look at it, but having him right for the playoffs is THE most important thing.”‘