I hate Chris Mannix

By Sam Rubenstein

Warning: The following post is going to clown someone who wrote a column that contains pessimism and player hating to the highest degree.
USFirst, read his sad Team USA hatefest.

Okay Chris, I do not think that team USA is a sure thing no doubt lock to win the whole tourney either. I’ve been poking fun at them myself, but come on now. I’m starting to feel like coverage of this story other than Lang watching the game and writing what he sees, has taken the following format:

1. Hype the US team to insane levels, building up all the players and making it seem like if they fail it’s a complete disaster.

2. Mention that no matter how great this USA team is, they can never be the one and only Dream Team. Even if they were to win every game by 50.

2.5. (The original Dream Team spread basketball across the world. Without the Dream Team, guys like Dirk, Yao, and Ginobili might have never become inspired to play basketball. No US basketball team will ever have such light competition ever again. It’s an international game now, and the Dream Team is a big reason why.)

3. If they win a game, it’s becaue the competition is no good. If it’s a close game, then everyone yells “SEE! They’re not focused.” If it’s a blowout, it’s like the game never happened and it was just a scrimmage.

4. Everyone is waiting for them to fail. The proverbial buzzards are circling.

What if they don’t fail? What if they win the whole thing? Will there be round after round of apology columns? Of course not. Probably just alot of “So what, they had the most talent.”

Oh, here’s an interesting Mannix column to look back on. It’s from April and it’s called “Heat Don’t Have the Look of a Championship Contender.” So, you know, you might want to put your money on Team USA.


(Oh by the way, Chris once wrote a column disguised as a blog calling for Ron Ron to be kicked out of the league. Now I really hate this guy.)