i still don’t care about summer basketball

I wrote this on wed and i feel even better about it today.

Am I the only person who finds the World Basketball Campionships to be a complete bore. My only concern is that nobody gets hurt, otherwise, the US can go undeafeated or lose their next game by 50 points. I’m good regardless. As far as i’m concerned off-season sporting events are just a waste of time and only bad things can happen. The Olympics are all we need, there doesn’t need to be something every summer. I don’t need to see these guys playing hoops year round. So what if the US lost last time? The US puts together a super team and gets Coach K and we beat China by half a bill? Ask the average person and they have no idea about its existence, ask even decent sports fans and they’ll shrug their shoulders. Plus the games are on at annoyingly early times. 6:30 in the morning? Either you’re up making prayer or your running off to work. Best case you have time to watch Matt Lauer’s face when he realizes that the story board for todays TODAY show doubles as programming for bravo. Who has time for sports this early and is there any suspense at all? Do you really think any of those games is going to end with the US losing? And if they did it still wouldn’t be an issue. It seems to be an escuse for companies to sell new apparel. Its a hustle and if i want to get hustled first thing in the morning i’ll watch the weather.