Iman Shumpert Had Planned to Dunk Over Jeremy Lin’s Couch

by February 23, 2012

Jeremy Evans will take the injured Iman Shumpert’s place in the Dunk Contest this weekend, but Evans likely won’t pull off anything as hilarious as what Shumpert and teammate Jeremy Lin had in mind. From the NY Post: “Knicks rookie guard Iman Shumpert, who officially pulled out of the Slam Dunk contest yesterday because of tendinitis in his knee, admitted he had a ‘Linsane’ trick up his sleeve. Yes, he and Jeremy Lin had talked about doing a dunk in which Shumpert would vault over a couch — the symbol of Lin’s humble sleeping conditions. ‘He was going to help me out,’’ Shumpert said. ‘Once my knee was so sore, I started thinking about it: ‘Am I going to be able to jump over the couch?’ All kinds of things to think about.’ Shumpert missed his second straight game last night and will return after the All-Star break. However, he said he will see how the knee feels before committing to Wednesday’s game vs. Cleveland.”