In Case of Lockout, Andrei Kirilenko to Play in Russia

by January 14, 2011

AK47 recently became an American citizen, but that won’t stop him from playing for a Russian team should the NBA lockout its players next year. From the Salt Lake Tribune: “Kirilenko initially said during the early part of the 2010-11 season that he would consider playing in Russia if a lockout occurred. But he acknowledged at the time that he would have to weigh his health and long-term future with a desire to return to his homeland. However, the 10-year Jazzman said Wednesday prior to tipoff against the New York Knicks that there is no question he will cross the globe to play basketball if the NBA has a widely predicted work stoppage. ‘If lockout happens, I will definitely go back to Russia and play on Russian team,’ said Kirilenko, who added that his new United States citizenship has no bearing on his basketball-related future.”