Introducing TD Magazine and!

by September 05, 2012

Some big news: yesterday, the brain trust behind SLAM unveiled its newest initiative: TD Magazine and, your home for all things football.

TD, just like SLAM, will cover and observe the game at all levels and through all lenses. That means NFL stories, obviously, but also NCAA, high school, fantasy, gear and more. There will be a ton of videos and photos, and, of course, some original stuff that’s new and unique.

We’ll have bloggers for each NFL division to keep you current, and the site will feature a long list of writers—some you know, some you don’t.

The website and magazine have been in the making for a while now, and with the NFL season literally kicking off tonight, we felt now is the best time to launch.

Essentially, TD will bring the SLAM voice to football. It’ll hopefully be, as our man Abe says in the site’s intro letter, a community. It’s a place for you, the fan, to follow your team on the way to glory (or not), hear the stories of your team’s players from their perspective, and argue every possible hypothetical debate with fellow readers. Just like SLAMonline, we hope the TDdaily family will be one of the best and most active virtual communities around.

Be sure to give the site a visit, and to follow TD on Facebook and Twitter. Hoops season will be here soon enough, but until then, let’s get ready for some football.