Is Lawrence Frank on the Hot Seat?

His team is off to an 0-12 start, but a plethora of injuries may keep him from losing his job. For now, anyway: “So while he is most supportive of his coach, Thorn uses the word ‘realistic’ when assessing the situation. Be realistic in knowing how tough the situation is, but also be realistic in knowing the losing must somehow end. ‘If this continues, none of us are safe,’ Thorn said, providing neither a vote of confidence nor a condemnation of Frank … Still, should the losing continue, something must happen, although Thorn flatly said don’t look for anything on the immediate horizon. ‘I’m not anticipating anything,’ said Thorn who laughed that “as far as I know” any change would be strictly his call. ‘But I don’t see foresee anything along those lines (coaching change).”‘