Isaiah Thomas Responds To Backlash Over ‘REAL Answers’ on Injury, Celtics Training Staff

by December 27, 2017
isaiah thomas real answers injury celtics training staff

Isaiah Thomas insists that he’s not “salty” over what happened in Boston—he’s only giving “REAL answers” to reporter’s questions.

In an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Isaiah spoke about playing through injury and the Celtics’ medical staff, among other topics (starting at 1:00):

Do you wish you had gotten different or more information from the Celtics’ medical staff?


IT: “I do wish I would have gotten more information. It was never, ‘This could be something that could possibly shut you down for a while.’


“Because if that was the case, I definitely wouldn’t have played.” […]


When Danny Ainge says one of the reasons they traded you was because of your injury, how did that make you feel?


IT: “I was very hurt because I gave them everything I had. Like I gave them too much when I should have just sat out.


“Especially with all the stuff I was going through. And when I say going through, with my sister passing and things like that. Like, you don’t do things like that man.”

After the interview aired, Isaiah was hit with backlash over his comments.

In a series of impassioned tweets on Tuesday, Isaiah attempted to explain the situation.

Thomas claimed that he’s not bitter—although it may seem that way because of how often he’s asked about the acrimonious departure and how “real” he keeps his answers.

It’s funny how people think I keep bringing up the dumbass trade situation. It’s the media asking the same dumbass questions about it. So it’s obvious they want to keep it going. It’s not like when I’m interviewed I’m asking them can you PLEASE bring up the trade please lol.


I will always love Boston. That city and organization gave me a opportunity to be a superstar and I took it and ran with it. I am a Cleveland Cavalier now and I’m more than happy to be one. Just sit back and Watch how special 2018 is going to be! #PositiveVibesONLY #ThatSLOWgrind


Don’t get mad at me like im sitting here wanting to still talk about the trade. Get mad at the person interviewing me lol. Get mad at the questions not the REAL answers! These post were for the people who think I’m salty about the trade… Good morning to y’all too lol

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