Isiah’s Job Insecurity

by Marcel Mutoni

Word on the street in Gotham is that Isiah Thomas is about to lose his job. Just about every paper in the city is hinting at Zeke’s impending unemployment (Peter Vescey didn’t think Isiah would last through the week), and it’s hard to argue with them. I mean, it’s a borderline miracle that he was able to hang on to his gig following the sexual harassment trial this summer.

It’s certainly looking like the Starbury fiasco (to say nothing of the poor play on the court) might be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back.

If the Knicks return home with a 2-7 record after this four-game West Coast swing, which continues tonight in Sacramento against the Kings, a change may be inevitable. Dolan is said to have already lost his patience with the poor start.

Even more damning, yesterday Yahoo! Sports reported that despite a unanimous team vote to sit Marbury during the Clipper game, Thomas played his controversial point guard for 34 minutes.

So, if there are any coaches out there looking for a job, a sinking ship might be in need of a new captain very soon. Start polishing up those résumés!