IT’s going down… and by “IT” I mean your jaw to the floor…

Well, the season ended but there was still the matter of the victory parade and celebration in Miami. It was quite the event. Shaq was the MC, and I don’t mean that in the rapping sense of the word. He is the master of ceremonies for the Miami Heat championship victory celebration. If you watch it all the way through, you can hear one of the Heat players cursing in public. Guess which one it is? Hint: go with your very first instinct.

Okay, time’s up. The answer is Jason Williams. Starting NBA point guards who never won the championship and probably never will: John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, Mark Jackson, Steve Nash, Rod Strickland, Stephon Marbury, Mark Price, Baron Davis. Jason Williams is an NBA champion. HA HA!!!

But there is one moment from the celebration that does not appear in that video clip. You’ve probably seen it already. If not, then here you go. There’s nothing I can add to prepare you for the sight you are about to see.