Iverson Sad to Watch Nuggets from Afar

by May 25, 2009

Hmmm, wonder if the Nuggets and their fans feel the same sadness as A.I.: “When someone asked Carmelo Anthony on Sunday if he’s still confident going into Game 4 of the Western Conference finals with a 2-1 deficit, his response reminded me of a certain All-Star who isn’t here anymore. ‘If we’re not confident,’ ‘Melo said, ‘we might as well not even dress up.’ That was vintage Allen Iverson, whom I’ve heard say almost exactly those words hundreds of times over the last decade or so. I asked Anthony if he’d spoken with A.I. recently, given the Nuggets’ meteoric rise to the conference finals without him — and given that the point guard he was traded for has made all the difference. ‘Yeah, I’ve talked to him a couple of times,’ Anthony said. ‘He just keeps saying, ‘Go get it.’ It kind of hurts him that he’s not here with us. That’s all he keeps saying is that he wanted to be with us. But he understands the situation.'”